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API documentation

Want to use the API? Awesome!

Currently the API is in alpha stage, so anything could change at any point, but if anything does, then I'll keep anyone who's registered for an API key in the loop.


In order to access the API, you need a key. The key is linked to whatever application you've decided to put together, and lets me see who's using the API for what. To get an API key, just fire off an email to neil at this domain and let me know what your ten word username is and how you expect to be using the API.



The get function allows you to get a lovely list of reviews off the server, sorted by popularity or by date for any user, category, review page or combination of the above. Only the key is mandatory, everything else is optional.


  • key (required) - Your API key.
  • order - Either 'p' for popularity, or 'd' for date. If you don't give this, then an ordering is chosen for you based on your other parameter choices
  • user - The username of the user who you'd like to retrieve reviews for. If you don't give a username, then reviews for all users will be returned.
  • cat - The url segment of the category that you would like to retrieve reviews for. For example, if you were wanting movie reviews, then you would give "movie" as the value here. If you give no category then reviews of all categories are returned.
  • review - The url segment of the review that you would like to retrieve reviews for. So, to get all reviews of "The Lord of the Rings", you would give "lord%2Bof%2Bthe%2Brings" as the value. Note the urlencoded plus (+) signs. If you wanted to just see reviews of the book version of "Lord of the Rings" then you would also give the category value of "book".
  • num - This is simply the number of reviews that you would like to be given. The default is ten, and the maximum is currently 30.
  • output - Either "php" to return a PHP serialized array, 'json' to return a JSON array that's pre-wrapped in a callback function called 'jsonTheTenWordReviewApi', or 'rss' to return an RSS feed. The default is RSS.

Example Calls

To retrieve the five most popular reviews by workingwithme as a PHP serialised array:­?key=whateveryourkeyis&order=p&user=workingwithme­&output=php&num=5

To retrieve the seven latest movie reviews as an RSS feed:­?key=whateveryourkeyis&order=d&cat=movie&num=7 is looked after by Neil Crosby. Page rendered in about 0.01 seconds.