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Live Reviewing Eurovision

It's that time of the year again - it's Eurovision night! This year, pretty much just because I can, I'm going to be live reviewing the entire evening.

I've already written up dummy reviews for all the countries that have made it through to the final, and here they are for ease of reviewing through the night:

If you're watching tonight as well, why not review the songs you like too? Personally, I hope that Scooch do well with Flying the Flag (for You) and I think they've got a fairly good chance of a good score. While the song might not be great in and of itself, it is a great Eurovision song - catchy, with colourful costumes and a fun dance. Even Tony Blair has tried to help out by tendering his resignation a couple of days ago in the hope that it will score us a few extra sympathy votes. What a nice man.

So, wherever you are, I hope you all have a good Eurovision night! is looked after by Neil Crosby. Page rendered in about 0.01 seconds.