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So - Who Won What?

It's a month now since I announced that I was running three competitions here on the site, and I'm sure you'll all be glad that the winners are about to be announced. So, without further ado, here goes...

The Referrers Competition

CazM The first competition was won by CazM, who sent a couple of hundred users through to The Ten Word Review over the course of March, and had her name pulled out of the hat this morning. For her troubles, she's won herself a copy of Jonathan Gash's book 'The Ten Word Game'. Please don't think too badly of me for inflicting this on you Caz!

The Rating Competition

katemonkey Katemonkey, the winner of the second competition, has bagged herself a selection of ten DVDs. Over the course of March, Kate rated 666 reviews (overall, everyone made 7426 ratings) - a portentous number, to say the least! I hope Kate enjoys her winnings.

The Review Competition

SaltireBlue The final competition was the biggy though - to win an iPod shuffle. And, I'm happy to say, SaltireBlue won with this review of the comic Fray:

Future slayer wonders if vampires are really gone. Fray'd not!

In the end, I didn't even need to make a decision myself - this review was rated a favourite by everyone who rated it, and it's a worthy winner. I'll be ordering SaltireBlue his iPod shuffle as soon as I've spoken to him to find out what colour he'd like!

Of course, SaltireBlue wasn't the only person to write a great review this month. Other honorable mentions included:

OK Magazine, by pixie:

Finally I can reveal, exclusively, that it's complete utter twaddle.

Casino Royale, by sijobling:

Bond finally has some strength, in plot lines and physique!

Barbie, by Egatton_Nitram:

Looking good and feeling firm for a 40 year old.

I'll be sending out a little something to these runners up over the next few days.

Thanks to everyone once again for helping to make this a great site, and I'm sorry to those people who didn't win this month. is looked after by Neil Crosby. Page rendered in about 0.01 seconds.