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This one goes to eleven...

It's months since I last wrote a blog entry on here, and for that I apologise. Don't take my silence for inaction though, there's been a lot going on in development since the last time I wrote. So much has been going on in fact that we're almost ready for a new release of the site!

So, what has been going on? For one, David Thompson (fatbusinessman on here) has joined the development team and is helping out with code fixes wherever he can. I've moved house, so I've changed from having a sporadic couple of hours here and there to having 40 minutes every single day to do development in. Not a lot of time, but at least it's consistent. You've got to remember that I don't run this site as a full time gig - I still need to hold down my real life job as well.

Anyway, the big news today is that I've released - a preview of what's to come on The Ten Word Review. "Eleven" is running off a completely different database to the one that the main site runs off, so you're free to create brand new user accounts, post and rate reviews and generally mess about without it affecting the main site or your main account at all. Basically, I'd love it if you all could try out the site, have a nosey around and then let me know what you think about the changes so far and what you like and don't like. There's more development to be done before what's on "Eleven" replaces the current site and nothing's set in stone, so your opinions really do count. The only other thing to be aware of is that "eleven" will probably be a bit slower than the live site, just because it's not tweaked for performance in the same way that the live site is. Don't let that worry you!

This is the start of making the development process behind the site a little more transparent. I'll be constantly updating "Eleven" as development continues, so that you will be able to see some of the things that will be coming to the site before they make it in and let me know what you think about them. Again, this is your chance to make a difference to the site.

If you do have any comments, and I really really hope you do, please email them to me at "neil" at this domain. All suggestions are incredibly gratefully received. After all, this is your site - I just help to look after it. is looked after by Neil Crosby. Page rendered in about 0.01 seconds.