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Hooray! Last weekend was Yahoo! and The BBC's first Open Hack Day in London, and like all good geeks I was there. Before the event, I announced that I'd made the basic The Word Review API available so that people would be able to start hacking around with the data that all the wonderful users of the site are creating. So, during the day, we did create something. Along with Steve Webster, Aral Balkan and Carin Campanario I helped to create the marvelous little Flash badge that you can see up at the top of this post.

By going to the flash badge page you can set up your own version of the badge, to put on your own website, LiveJournal or MySpace page. It's really easy, and you can set it up to just show your reviews, only those written in a certain category, and a few other options. You can even choose whether you'd like to see the newest or the most popular reviews.

So go on, give it a try - pop along to the flash badge page and stick it on your own site as well! is looked after by Neil Crosby. Page rendered in about 0.00 seconds.