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Hi im Declan im irish born ..from a small town in northern ireland called newtownstewart co/ 6 2 tall dark brown hair blue gay and im single.i enjoy people from all walks of living in glasgow city in the gorbals area of glasgow if your from the city its a few mins walk from the city centre im in my 30s i love & and have allways liked mostly all of the 80s/90s bands like japan and talk talk/as for {movies} sci-fi films all kinds.and any film thats got a good ture sensitive and down to earth individual. Humour is everything, learning is stressful but worth it, life is wisdom, and failure is quitting.I am on a constant journey, naturally, to find myself. I love to share my happiness as wholesomely as possible, because of my generosity and love for all aspects of beauty. I am impatient, but tolerant, depending on the situation and person.hope we can become good friends im on facebook as well not had too find me. love Declan xxx

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