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Everything reviewed by Dez

Thing Reviewed Category Date Overall
9/11 event 2008-06-10 good
Adolf Hitler person 2008-05-19 mediocre
all poems poetry 2008-06-29 good
Atheism religion 2008-04-20 good
Awkward Conversations event 2008-04-19 good
Civilization IV game 2008-04-20 good
Da Vinci Code book 2008-04-19 good
Dalek Bubble Bath toiletry 2008-04-19 good
Delicious Chocolate Cake food 2008-04-20 good
Diabetes illness 2008-04-19 good
DIAMOND mineral 2008-04-22 good
Digital Rights Management electronics 2008-04-19 good
Doctor Who - 42 tv show 2008-06-17 good
Doctor Who - Blink tv show 2008-05-20 good
Doctor Who - Midnight tv show 2008-06-16 good
Doctor Who - Partners in Crime tv show 2008-04-19 mediocre
Doctor Who - The Poison Sky tv show 2008-05-20 good
Download Festival event 2008-04-19 good
eBay website 2008-04-19 good
eeePC electronics 2008-04-19 good
Facebook other 2008-05-26 good
Fermat's Last Theorem concept 2008-04-19 mediocre
George Foreman Grill appliance 2008-06-28 good
Gloves vs Mittens clothing 2008-05-30 good
Golf sport 2008-04-20 mediocre
H&M shop 2008-05-20 good
Hangover concept 2008-04-19 good
Harry Potter book 2008-06-10 good
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book 2008-04-20 good
Humans person 2008-04-20 good
Iambic Pentameter concept 2008-04-19 good
Ikea shop 2008-04-19 good
Kings Cross Station place 2008-06-16 good
Laptop batteries other 2008-04-22 good
Lord of the Rings movie 2008-05-19 good
Marijuana drug 2008-06-29 good
Mario Kart: Double Dash! game 2008-04-19 good
Monopoly game 2008-05-20 good
Nineteen Eighty-Four book 2008-04-19 good
Ninja Pirates person 2008-04-20 good
Nintendo Gamecube electronics 2008-04-19 good
Norton 360 application 2008-04-19 good
Pachelbel Canon in D major album 2008-05-26 good
Paracetamol drug 2008-04-19 good
Portal game 2008-04-20 good
Prayer religion 2008-04-20 good
Pregnancy illness 2008-04-19 mediocre
Quiznos restaurant 2008-04-19 good
Signs movie 2008-05-28 good
Sleep event 2008-06-10 mediocre
Sorry, that's the Lion King - The Doctor quotation 2008-04-19 good
StumbleUpon website 2008-09-05 mediocre
Sushi food 2008-05-28 good
Telemarketers person 2008-05-20 good
Tetris game 2008-04-20 good
The Game activity 2008-04-19 good
The Golden Compass movie 2008-05-02 good
Tomato vegetable 2008-04-20 good
Tooth fairy person 2008-04-20 good
Top Gear tv show 2008-05-26 good
Trains transport 2008-04-19 good
Ubuntu application 2008-04-19 good
URL other 2008-04-22 damn good
vi application 2008-04-22 good
Web 2.0 application 2008-04-19 good
Wikipedia website 2008-09-05 good
World of Warcraft game 2008-04-19 good
xkcd comic 2008-05-20 good
York place 2008-04-19 mediocre
Zelda Twighlight Princess game 2008-04-19 good is looked after by Neil Crosby. Page rendered in about 0.54 seconds.