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it'll be easier with musical notes, let's try with words.

DoctorSchmegma said “Escalating nonsensical and inane to wholly undiscovered heights in reviewing...”

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Everything reviewed by basico3

Thing Reviewed Category Date Overall
Asthma illness 2009-04-06 good
Baby Tv tv show 2009-04-05 who knows?
basico3 person 2009-03-31 who knows?
Batman comic 2009-04-05 good
blackberry electronics 2009-04-09 good
blowjob activity 2009-04-05 who knows?
Body building activity 2009-04-09 who knows?
Bono person 2009-05-03 who knows?
Chicken animal 2009-05-18 mediocre
coffee food 2009-04-01 good
Diet Coke food 2009-07-26 who knows?
Diet Coke with Lemon food 2009-04-09 good
Disneyland place 2009-04-02 who knows?
Dog animal 2009-04-05 who knows?
Emo other 2009-04-06 who knows?
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie 2009-04-02 who knows?
Facebook website 2009-04-01 mediocre
frisbee toy 2009-04-03 mediocre
Good health illness 2009-06-04 who knows?
Gremlins other 2009-08-05 who knows?
Hangover concept 2009-04-06 good
Headphones electronics 2009-04-01 good
Housework activity 2009-05-18 good
I am Legend movie 2009-04-08 who knows?
ipad electronics 2010-05-23 good
iPhone electronics 2009-08-16 who knows?
Kanye West 808 and a Hearth Break album 2009-04-01 who knows?
Laptop batteries other 2011-02-20 mediocre
LEGO toy 2009-04-03 good
Lego Batman game 2011-02-20 mediocre
Mac computers electronics 2009-05-03 who knows?
Mac OS X application 2009-04-04 who knows?
MacBook Pro electronics 2009-04-01 who knows?
Marijuana drug 2009-04-26 mediocre
Michael Jackson person 2009-06-27 good
Morning Coffee food 2009-06-16 good
Mosquito animal 2009-04-02 who knows?
Pharoae Monch concert 2009-04-02 who knows?
Pizza food 2009-04-29 mediocre
reactable instrument 2009-04-09 who knows?
Religion religion 2009-04-01 good
Ricky Martin person 2009-04-02 good
Rubik's Cube toy 2009-04-02 good
sandals with socks clothing 2009-04-02 good
shoes clothing 2011-02-20 mediocre
Skype application 2009-04-06 who knows?
Sleep other 2009-04-19 who knows?
Sleeping activity 2009-04-05 who knows?
Spiderman comic 2009-04-04 who knows?
Spiderman3 movie 2009-04-10 who knows?
Steve Jobs person 2009-07-08 who knows?
superman comic 2009-04-04 who knows?
Swine Flu illness 2009-05-03 who knows?
The science of sleep movie 2009-04-02 who knows?
theremin instrument 2009-04-05 who knows?
TheTenWordReview website 2009-05-04 good
TheTenWordReview com website 2011-02-20 mediocre
Tickle me Elmo toy 2009-06-25 who knows?
Tom and Jerry tv show 2009-04-09 who knows?
Toy Gun toy 2009-07-08 who knows?
Turntable instrument 2009-04-05 who knows?
Twitter website 2009-04-01 good
Ubuntu application 2011-02-20 mediocre
Umbrella song 2009-04-03 who knows?
vinyl other 2009-04-01 who knows?
Wii electronics 2011-02-20 good
Windows (all flavors) application 2009-04-15 good
Windows Live Messenger appliance 2009-04-12 good
Work place 2009-06-04 who knows?
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