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ApplaudtheActor said “Did crooksiephil post again? DAMN! He beat my score... again!”

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Everything reviewed by crooksiephil

Thing Reviewed Category Date Overall
28 Days Later movie 2009-04-24 who knows?
300 movie 2009-04-02 good
Aberystwyth place 2009-02-10 good
Afghanistan place 2010-12-08 good
Al Gore person 2009-02-09 good
Alcohol drug 2009-02-09 good
Alzheimers illness 2009-02-09 good
American Comedy other 2009-02-16 good
Ann Coulter person 2009-02-16 good
Another Way To Die song 2009-02-10 good
ApplaudtheActor person 2009-03-14 good
Atheism religion 2009-02-18 good
Awkward Conversations event 2009-02-18 good
bacon food 2009-04-02 good
banana food 2009-03-02 good
Barack Obama person 2009-02-09 mediocre
Barhman person 2009-02-16 good
Batman Begins movie 2009-02-10 good
Beckham not getting his 100th cap sport 2009-03-19 who knows?
Bible book 2009-02-09 mediocre
Big Brother tv show 2009-02-10 good
Big Fish movie 2009-02-16 good
Bill Clinton person 2009-02-18 good
Bo Burnham person 2010-09-21 good
Born Again religion 2009-02-18 good
Brett Favre person 2009-07-21 who knows?
Brussel Sprouts food 2009-02-10 good
Budget 2009 politics 2009-04-24 who knows?
Caprica tv show 2010-12-08 mediocre
Catholic Church religion 2009-03-27 terrible
Catholic Priest person 2009-03-03 good
Chavs person 2009-05-30 who knows?
Childfree concept 2010-12-21 mediocre
Christian Bale person 2009-02-18 good
Christianity religion 2009-02-09 mediocre
Chronicles of Narnia movie 2009-04-02 good
Chuck Norris person 2009-04-06 who knows?
Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster religion 2009-02-25 good
Civilization IV game 2009-02-10 good
coffee food 2009-05-29 who knows?
Coke Zero food 2009-02-27 good
Colds illness 2009-03-06 good
Crazymad other 2009-02-18 good
crooksiephil person 2009-02-16 good
CSI: Miami tv show 2009-06-17 who knows?
D.E.B.S. movie 2009-02-16 good
Daily Mail publication 2009-02-09 good
Diet Coke food 2009-02-16 good
Digital Blasphemy website 2009-07-22 who knows?
Doctor Who tv show 2009-02-09 mediocre
Dog Soldiers movie 2009-04-24 good
Dollhouse tv show 2009-03-19 who knows?
Don DeLillo person 2009-04-14 who knows?
Driving lessons event 2009-03-17 who knows?
Duke Nukem Forever game 2009-06-02 who knows?
Earth Hour event 2009-03-31 good
Electric guitar instrument 2009-02-25 good
Emo other 2009-04-06 good
England Cricket Team sport 2009-02-18 good
Eppur Si Muove - Galileo quotation 2009-03-27 good
Euthanasia illness 2009-02-18 good
Evolution religion 2009-02-25 good
Evolution vs Creationism concept 2009-02-09 mediocre
Faith religion 2010-02-14 mediocre
Faith Schools religion 2009-03-09 good
fark website 2009-02-09 good
Father Ted tv show 2009-04-05 who knows?
Firefly tv show 2009-03-11 mediocre website 2009-03-03 mediocre
George Bush person 2009-02-09 mediocre
Get On Your Boots U2 song 2009-02-25 good
getting hit in the balls activity 2009-03-23 mediocre
Gillette Fusion toiletry 2009-02-09 good
Gillian McKeith person 2010-12-09 good
Glee tv show 2010-01-25 good
God person 2009-06-15 good
Good health illness 2009-06-03 good
Gordon Brown person 2009-06-08 who knows?
Hangover concept 2009-03-19 good
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle other 2009-03-13 good
Heroes tv show 2009-02-10 good
Hillary Clinton person 2009-03-02 good
Hollyoaks tv show 2009-05-12 good
Homosexuality religion 2009-03-19 good website 2009-06-29 who knows?
I am Legend movie 2009-03-21 good
I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker song 2009-04-12 good
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight - U2 song 2009-07-21 good
Ikea shop 2009-03-27 who knows?
Inception movie 2010-12-21 good
Intelligent design religion 2009-04-06 good
iPod nano electronics 2009-03-03 good
iPod Socks clothing 2009-02-18 good
Jack Thompson person 2009-03-03 who knows?
Jade Goody person 2009-02-16 good
Jeans clothing 2010-12-21 mediocre
Jeremy Clarkson person 2009-02-18 good
Jesus religion 2009-05-29 good
John Humphrys person 2009-05-29 who knows?
John McCain person 2009-02-09 good
Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand's Faux Pas event 2009-02-09 good
jordan and peter album 2009-07-23 who knows?
Katie Price person 2009-07-27 mediocre
Kilt clothing 2009-02-16 good
King of Shaves Azor Advanced Shaving Gel toiletry 2009-03-04 good
Large Hadron Collider appliance 2009-02-10 good
Lembit Opik politics 2009-02-18 good website 2009-02-16 good
Logitech MX Revolution Mouse electronics 2009-02-25 who knows?
lolcats concept 2009-02-10 good
London place 2009-04-02 who knows?
Luton place 2009-03-24 good
Mac computers electronics 2009-04-02 good
Mac vs PC adverts other 2009-04-02 good
Malt Whisky food 2009-04-02 good
Man Flu illness 2009-02-18 good
Marijuana drug 2009-03-04 mediocre
Marriage concept 2009-02-18 good
Mass Effect game 2009-07-21 mediocre
Mead food 2009-03-19 good
Mirror's Edge game 2009-03-03 mediocre
MMORPG game 2009-02-10 good
Monkeys animal 2009-03-05 good
Morning Coffee food 2009-06-08 who knows?
morrisons shop 2009-02-10 good
Mr Worf person 2009-04-14 who knows?
national anthem song 2009-02-16 good
New Super Mario Brothers game 2009-02-18 good
Nick Clegg person 2010-09-21 mediocre website 2009-03-17 good
numb3rs tv show 2009-05-12 who knows?
Oh dear, something went wrong with saving your review! quotation 2009-03-21 good
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair song 2009-02-09 mediocre
Opinions concept 2009-02-18 good
Panorama tv show 2010-12-09 mediocre
Phlebotinum mineral 2009-07-22 mediocre
Pitagora Suichi tv show 2009-02-09 good
Pizza food 2009-04-02 good
Pokémon game 2009-02-15 good
Politicians politics 2009-02-09 mediocre
Pollen season other 2009-06-08 good
Pork Scratchings food 2009-03-21 mediocre
Pornography other 2009-02-10 good
Portal game 2009-03-03 good
Posting reviews while drunk concept 2009-03-19 good
Prayer religion 2009-04-23 who knows?
Pregnancy illness 2010-12-21 mediocre
QI tv show 2009-03-21 good
Questionable Content comic 2010-12-18 mediocre
Radio 1 radio 2009-02-10 mediocre
Rating reviews activity 2009-03-09 good
razor toiletry 2009-04-14 good
Real Ale food 2010-12-08 good
Redecorating activity 2009-07-21 damn good
Religion religion 2009-03-27 good
Religious persecution religion 2009-02-18 good
Richard Dawkins person 2009-02-18 good
Ricky Gervais person 2009-05-29 who knows?
Royal Mail other 2009-04-21 good
Rule 34 concept 2009-05-29 good
Sarah Palin person 2009-02-16 good
Second Life game 2010-12-09 good
Serenity movie 2009-02-10 mediocre
Seven Deadly Sins religion 2009-03-21 mediocre
Signs movie 2009-06-23 who knows?
Sigur Ros - ( ) album 2009-03-18 who knows?
Silent Running movie 2009-02-10 good
Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow movie 2009-03-14 good
Snow other 2009-02-10 good
Spam concept 2009-03-19 good
Spore game 2009-03-03 good
Spotify application 2010-02-14 good
St Patricks Day event 2009-02-18 good
Star Trek movie 2009-05-29 who knows?
Star Trek tv show 2009-05-30 good
Steve Mclaren sport 2009-02-18 good
Sun other 2009-02-16 good
Super Bowl 43 sport 2009-02-09 good
Susan Boyle person 2009-05-29 who knows?
Swine Flu illness 2009-06-03 who knows?
T-Mobile G1 Phone electronics 2009-02-17 good
Taking kids anywhere activity 2010-12-21 good
Talking to yourself activity 2009-02-10 good
Tesco shop 2009-02-10 good
That new girl at work you want to ask out for a drink sometime person 2009-05-29 who knows?
The Airborne Toxic Event album 2009-03-09 good
The Ashes 2010 sport 2010-12-09 mediocre
The beard of Neil Crosby other 2009-02-10 good
The Drabblecast website 2009-03-18 who knows?
The England and Wales Cricket Board sport 2009-03-13 who knows?
The English person 2009-03-21 mediocre
The European Union concept 2009-02-10 good
The Fat Duck restaurant 2009-03-03 good
The Game concept 2009-06-02 mediocre
The Stig person 2009-02-16 good
The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie 2010-01-25 terrible
The Walking Dead tv show 2010-12-09 mediocre
The West Wing tv show 2010-12-21 mediocre
TheTenWordReview com website 2009-06-15 good
Thinking Outside The Box activity 2010-12-08 mediocre
Tim Minchin person 2009-06-17 who knows?
Time event 2009-03-21 good
tina_teaspoon person 2010-12-21 good
Titanium mineral 2009-02-18 good
Top Gear tv show 2009-04-24 good
Torchwood tv show 2009-03-06 mediocre
triskaidekaphobia illness 2009-03-19 good
Twilight book 2010-12-10 good
Txt Speak concept 2009-02-25 good
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans movie 2009-02-11 good
Valentines Day event 2009-04-23 good
Vin Diesel person 2009-04-23 good
White Lies - To Lose My Life album 2009-07-23 good
Wikipedia website 2009-02-09 good
William Shakespeare person 2009-04-23 who knows?
William Shatner person 2009-03-27 who knows?
Windows 7 application 2010-12-08 mediocre
Windows Live Messenger appliance 2009-02-10 good
Windows Vista other 2009-02-25 good
Windows XP application 2009-05-30 who knows?
workingwithme person 2009-02-18 mediocre
World of Warcraft game 2009-07-21 good
Writing activity 2009-02-10 good
X-Factor Finalists - Hero song 2009-02-25 mediocre is looked after by Neil Crosby. Page rendered in about 0.46 seconds.