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Just a small town girl who likes writing short reviews.

chewbeaker said “Writes very good reviews that sum up stuff very well!”

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Everything reviewed by ivory_masque

Thing Reviewed Category Date Overall
Alan Partridge person 2008-07-29 good
Amadeus movie 2008-03-08 good
American Psycho movie 2008-05-16 good
April "fools" day event 2008-04-01 mediocre
Batman Begins movie 2008-05-27 good
Be Kind, Rewind movie 2008-04-12 good
Black Books tv show 2008-05-16 good
Blades of Glory movie 2008-04-18 good
Cadbury's Cream Eggs food 2008-04-12 good
Cheese food 2008-05-31 good
chewbeaker person 2008-06-11 good
Christian Bale person 2008-05-31 good
Coke Zero food 2008-04-12 mediocre
Daylight Savings Time Begins event 2008-04-01 good
Deal or No Deal tv show 2008-04-18 good
Deodorant toiletry 2008-04-04 good
Donnie Darko movie 2008-07-17 good
Emo other 2008-05-17 good
Eurovision Song Contest event 2008-07-01 good
Father Ted tv show 2008-04-09 good
Fight Club movie 2008-06-09 good
George Foreman Grill appliance 2008-06-30 good
Gone Baby Gone movie 2008-06-26 good
Grease movie 2008-04-09 good
Haiku poetry 2008-09-13 good
Hamlet book 2008-06-09 good
Hancock movie 2008-07-04 good
Hot Fuzz movie 2008-04-18 good
House tv show 2008-04-09 good
I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker song 2008-08-21 good
Ice Cream food 2008-07-04 good
In Bruges movie 2008-04-04 good
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie 2008-06-07 good
Iron Man movie 2008-05-02 good
ivory_masque person 2008-06-08 good
Jeans clothing 2008-04-01 good
Jimmy Carr comic 2008-06-11 good
kelticgrasshopper person 2008-06-10 good
Kung Fu Panda movie 2008-06-30 good
Lars and the Real Girl movie 2008-04-24 good
Little Miss Sunshine movie 2008-03-08 good
Lol other 2008-04-09 mediocre
lost season 3 ending! tv show 2008-05-17 good
MGMT - Oracular Spectacular album 2008-07-23 good
Michael Clayton movie 2008-08-11 good
My Name is Earl tv show 2008-05-17 good
Mythbusters tv show 2008-07-04 good
Noel Edmonds person 2008-08-11 good
Orgasm activity 2008-05-16 good
Pushing Daisies tv show 2008-05-17 good
Quiche Lorraine food 2008-07-04 mediocre
Rocket Man - William Shatner song 2008-04-01 good
Safety Dance - Men Without Hats song 2008-05-16 mediocre
Saturday Night Live - Lazy Sunday tv show 2008-07-07 mediocre
Signs movie 2008-05-16 good
Skins tv show 2008-04-12 good
Soul-mates other 2008-04-01 good
Spider-Man movie 2008-04-01 good
Spider-Man 3 movie 2008-05-16 good
Stephen Fry person 2008-05-16 good
Superbad movie 2008-05-16 good
Tetris game 2008-07-04 good
The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian movie 2008-06-30 good
The Dark Knight movie 2008-07-28 good
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air tv show 2008-07-17 good
The Illusionist movie 2008-05-31 good
The internet place 2008-04-04 good
The IT Crowd tv show 2008-04-01 good
The Mighty Boosh tv show 2008-04-01 good
The Talented Mr. Ripley movie 2008-05-17 good
There will be blood movie 2008-07-29 good
Thinking Outside The Box activity 2008-08-21 good
Toffee Crisp food 2008-07-19 good
Twin Peaks tv show 2008-08-21 good
Umbrella song 2008-04-09 good
Victoria Beckham person 2008-04-12 good
Waiting For Godot book 2008-05-31 good
WALL-E movie 2008-07-28 good
Wanted movie 2008-06-26 mediocre
Watchmen comic 2008-04-09 good
William Shatner person 2008-05-16 good
Wonder Boys movie 2008-03-08 good
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