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DoctorSchmegma said “Big fan of his 'Fwiffering'... may know me as CankleF.....”

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Everything reviewed by redPen

Thing Reviewed Category Date Overall
2001: A Space Odyssey movie 2007-05-04 good
24 tv show 2007-05-04 good
300 movie 2007-08-11 good
9/11 event 2007-05-04 mediocre
A Clockwork Orange movie 2007-08-11 good
Adolf Hitler person 2007-05-03 good
Al Gore person 2007-05-03 good
Always movie 2007-05-07 good
American Culture other 2007-04-21 good
American Dad tv show 2007-05-04 good
American Idol tv show 2007-05-08 good
An Inconvenient Truth movie 2007-05-07 good
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy movie 2007-05-07 good
Animal House movie 2007-04-12 good
Anna Nicole Smith person 2007-04-12 good
Apocalypse Now movie 2007-08-11 good
Armageddon movie 2007-05-07 good
Arthur movie 2007-05-03 good
Astrology other 2007-05-04 good
Atheism religion 2007-04-21 mediocre
Battlestar Galactica. tv show 2007-04-21 good
Bible book 2007-04-12 good
Big Brother tv show 2007-05-03 good
Bladerunner movie 2007-04-12 good
Bobby movie 2007-04-12 good
Bobby Kennedy person 2007-04-12 good
Boomerang other 2007-04-21 good
Boston Legal tv show 2007-04-21 good
Britney Spears person 2007-05-03 mediocre
Bubba Ho-Tep movie 2007-04-12 good
Captain Kirk person 2007-04-12 good
Cellular Phones other 2007-04-21 good
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie 2007-04-12 good
Collateral movie 2007-05-07 good
eBay website 2007-05-04 good
Elvis Presley person 2007-05-08 good
Elvis Presley: On Stage - February 1970 album 2007-04-21 good
Face / Off movie 2007-04-12 good
family guy tv show 2007-05-04 good
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie 2007-05-19 good
Fight Club movie 2007-08-11 good
Firefly tv show 2007-04-12 good
Flash Gordon movie 2007-05-07 good
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours album 2007-05-04 good
Four Weddings and a Funeral movie 2007-08-11 good
Friends tv show 2007-04-21 good website 2007-05-04 mediocre
George Bush person 2007-04-12 good
Great Balls of Fire! movie 2007-05-07 good
Greg the Bunny tv show 2007-05-19 good
Has Been - William Shatner album 2007-05-04 good
Highlander movie 2007-04-12 good
Highlander: The Series tv show 2007-04-21 good
Hill Street Blues tv show 2007-04-21 good
House tv show 2007-04-21 good
I, Robot movie 2007-08-11 good
Internet Movie Database website 2007-05-04 good
Jean-Luc Picard person 2007-04-12 mediocre
Lady in the Water movie 2007-05-08 good
Looking For-Best of David Hasselhoff album 2007-05-04 good
Lord of the Rings book 2007-05-03 good
Mutts animal 2007-05-04 mediocre
Norah Jones "Come away with me" album 2007-05-04 good
Oral Sex other 2007-04-21 mediocre
Oxymorons other 2007-04-21 good
Panther animal 2007-05-03 mediocre
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon album 2007-04-21 mediocre
Pink Floyd: Animals album 2007-05-06 good
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here album 2007-05-04 good
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End movie 2007-05-30 mediocre
Psych tv show 2007-04-21 mediocre
Queen: A Kind of Magic album 2007-05-03 good
Reality TV tv show 2007-05-07 good
Sam Cooke person 2007-04-21 good
Serenity movie 2007-04-12 good
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles album 2007-08-16 good
Space Seed - Star Trek the Original Series tv show 2007-04-27 good
Spider-Man 3 movie 2007-05-07 good
Star Trek tv show 2007-04-12 good
Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan movie 2007-04-12 good
Star Trek: The Animated Series tv show 2007-04-12 good
Star Wars - The Phantom Menace movie 2007-04-21 good
Starship Troopers movie 2007-05-07 good
Stephen King person 2007-04-21 mediocre
The Beatles White Album album 2007-04-21 good
The Da Vinci code movie 2007-04-12 good
The Dark Tower series book 2007-04-21 good
The internet place 2007-05-08 good
The Last Boy Scout movie 2007-05-07 good
The Long Kiss Goodnight movie 2007-05-07 good
The Office tv show 2007-04-21 mediocre
The Simpsons tv show 2007-04-21 good website 2007-05-04 good
Tombstone movie 2007-05-06 good
Transformer - Lou Reed album 2007-05-04 good
Virtuosity movie 2007-04-12 good
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