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dafydd said “Web guru with a water bottle, shorts and a purpose.”

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Everything reviewed by spjwebster

Thing Reviewed Category Date Overall
.net magazine publication 2007-02-18 good
24 tv show 2007-02-18 mediocre
300 movie 2007-03-09 mediocre
Accessibility programming 2007-01-25 good
Adium application 2007-02-18 mediocre
Aerobics Oz Style tv show 2008-07-09 good
American auto dealer offers free handguns event 2008-05-25 terrible
American Dad tv show 2007-02-17 mediocre
American TV other 2007-04-17 good
Asparagus vegetable 2007-02-18 good
Babylon 5 tv show 2007-01-25 good
BarCampLondon2 event 2007-01-23 good
Barry Scott person 2007-06-15 good
Beer food 2007-01-25 mediocre
BikerWitch person 2007-07-15 good
Black Holes and Revelations album 2007-01-23 good
Britney Spears person 2007-02-18 good
Brussell Sprouts vegetable 2007-02-17 good
Cats animal 2007-03-25 good
Cell Phone appliance 2007-03-25 good
Cheesecake food 2007-03-25 good
Chicken & Cashew food 2007-02-18 mediocre
Children of Men movie 2007-07-22 good
cider food 2007-01-25 good
Cyberduck application 2007-03-25 good
Doctor Who - Journey's End tv show 2008-07-08 good
Dragon's Den tv show 2007-02-17 good
Electric guitar instrument 2007-02-18 good website 2007-11-13 good
Father Ted tv show 2007-02-23 good
Freedom politics 2011-11-15 mediocre
Gears of War game 2007-01-23 good
Geary St, San Francisco place 2007-04-16 good
George Bush person 2007-02-17 good
Green Wing tv show 2007-03-25 good
Guns & Roses: Use You Illusion I & II album 2007-03-25 good
Highlander: Endgame movie 2007-02-18 mediocre
Hot Fuzz movie 2007-07-08 good
House Fly animal 2007-03-25 good
Intelligent design religion 2007-01-25 good
Jerusalem, London restaurant 2007-03-25 good
King of Shaves shaving gel toiletry 2007-03-25 good
Lily Allen - Alright, Still album 2007-02-18 good
Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory album 2007-07-09 good
Linkin Park: Minutes to Midnight album 2007-07-09 good
Loch Ness place 2007-01-25 good
London place 2007-02-17 good
London Buses transport 2007-03-25 good
Lori's Diner, San Francisco place 2007-04-15 good
Man Flu illness 2007-03-25 good
Manga manga 2007-03-25 mediocre
Margarita Loca - Battersea place 2007-07-08 good
McDonald's food 2007-02-17 good
national anthem song 2007-02-17 good
Oompa Loompa person 2007-02-18 good
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest movie 2007-01-25 good
Rugby Union sport 2007-01-23 good
Russell Brand person 2007-01-23 good
Saving Private Ryan movie 2007-01-23 good
Se7en movie 2007-02-18 good
Second Life game 2007-01-25 good
Sennheiser CX300 - Ear Canal Headphones electronics 2007-02-18 good
Settlers game 2007-03-25 good
Shellsuits clothing 2007-03-25 good
Sleep other 2007-02-18 good
Smokin' Aces movie 2007-02-17 good
Smoking in pubs activity 2007-07-03 good
Smoothie Maker appliance 2007-02-17 good
Snow other 2007-01-24 good
Social Smoking activity 2007-07-03 good
Soho Square, London place 2007-03-25 mediocre
Spinach vegetable 2007-03-25 good
The Dark Tower series book 2007-01-23 good
The internet place 2007-01-23 good website 2007-01-23 good
Thongs clothing 2007-02-18 good
Top Gear tv show 2007-02-18 mediocre
Twitter website 2007-03-25 good
Ugly Betty tv show 2007-02-18 mediocre
Valentines Day event 2007-02-14 good
Warm hats clothing 2007-01-25 good
Wasps animal 2007-03-25 good
We Will Rock You theatre 2007-08-23 good
Web standards programming 2007-01-23 good
Weekends event 2007-03-25 good
Working in a cube activity 2007-04-19 good
Writing activity 2007-02-18 good website 2007-01-23 good
Zune electronics 2007-02-18 good is looked after by Neil Crosby. Page rendered in about 0.66 seconds.